Services Offered

Homeowners Associations & Condominiums

Homeowners Associations

  • Provide services to update Association CC&Rs, Bylaws and Operating Rules to comply with the new Davis-Stirling Act (effective January 1, 2014, and amended frequently thereafter)
  • Advise Associations on  disputes with Owners and others
  • Assist Associations with bringing Association records into compliance with the Corporations Code and the Civil Code’s Davis-Stirling Act
  • Assist Boards of Directors interpret governing documents and state law

Condominium Owners

  • Assist Owners independently interpret their Association’s governing documents
  • Advise Owners on their rights and on potential liabilities
  • Advise Owners who have issues or disputes with their Boards of Directors

Condominium Buyers

  • Review condominium documents and advise potential condominium buyers of possible issues
  • Review HOA corporate records, budgets, reserve studies, and other disclosures

Condominium Sellers

  • Review condominium documents, HOA corporate records, budgets, and reserve studies
  • Recommend seller disclosures to reduce liability exposure

Formation of Residential Condominium Projects

Residential Condominium Subdivision Services

  • Provide legal support services and CA Bureau of Real Estate processing for developers of new and conversion condominium projects
  • Prepare original CC&Rs, Bylaws, & Governing Documents for new construction and conversion projects

Bureau of Real Estate Processing Services

  • Provide Bureau of Real Estate processing services for property developers, from application through issuance of Final Subdivision Public Reports (“White Slips”)
  • Update, amend and renew Bureau of Real Estate Final Subdivision Public Reports (“White Slips”) for existing projects

TORCA Conversions

  • Paul DeSantis is the premier expert in Santa Monica’s unique “Tenant Ownership Rights Charter Amendment” (“TORCA”) condominium conversion law.
  • As co-author of the law and its chief proponent, Paul prepared the legal documents and assisted in the conversion of over 200 buildings from apartments to condominiums.  In every case, this was done in cooperation with both the tenants and the owners.
  • Many “TORCA” homeowners associations use our firm to update their unique “TORCA” CC&Rs and Bylaws.  Special care is necessary to bring these outdated documents into compliance with new state requirements while not violating the City of Santa Monica’s strict “TORCA” mandates in the process.
  • Our staff includes Rick Mills, a past long-term City of Santa Monica planner who processed many of these same “TORCA” projects for the City.   Rick provides valuable expertise in handling special matters related to “TORCA” conversions along with all other condominium projects.

Title Issues

  • Evaluate real property title issues, including flawed legal descriptions, vesting issues and title chains, and provide findings and recommendations as appropriate.