Paul C. DeSantis

Paul C. DeSantis – Attorney

Paul DeSantis has practiced real estate law for over thirty years, with an emphasis on condominium subdivisions and homeowner associations in Southern California. Paul is assisting condominium owners and homeowner associations on several new challenges, including:

  • Permissible methods to protect the value of condominium with proper leasing restrictions,
  • The new rights and obligations on “service animals” and “comfort pets” of homeowners and associations,
  • Condominiums and Airbnb occupancy
  • Smoking and marijuana use,
  • Implementing the new mandatory provisions in the new Davis-Stirling Act.
  • And working to resolve disputes between homeowners and the Homeowner Association.

Paul’s expertise includes real estate development, subdivisions, advising on purchase and sales, land use planning, and the entitlement process. Paul has provided legal services to form approximately 300 condominium projects, including new construction and condominium conversions, and has experience advising both homeowners associations and homeowners on the Davis-Stirling Act and other homeowner association’s issues.

In 1984, Paul co-authored with Santa Monica Mayor Dennis Zane, the City of Santa Monica Tenant’s Ownership Rights Charter Amendment that provided for the conversion of apartment buildings to condominiums. The voters enacted Article XX to the Santa Monica City Charter Amendment by more than a two-thirds majority in 1984.

Paul received a J.D. from the Georgetown University, a M.A. from the SUNY at Stony Brook, and a B.A. from Syracuse University. Paul also was admitted to practice law in the states of New York and Iowa. He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker. Prior to beginning his legal practice, DeSantis served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Fourth Infantry Division, Vietnam.

Paul has made time to volunteer for a variety of community activities, including his dedication to affordable housing. He has served for over twenty-five years on the Board of Directors of Community Corporation of Santa Monica, a leading California non-profit housing provider, where he is a member and serves as Vice-Chair.